The quality of AdBlue® by Azotal

Azotal SpA began manufacturing AdBlue® in November 2006, becoming one of the first Italian manufacturers and distributors in the sector.

We produce certified AdBlue®

Azotal SpA began manufacturing AdBlue® in November 2006, becoming one of the first Italian manufacturers in the sector. From the outset, it has been able to guarantee the quality of the final product, with the ultimate goal of complying with the strict specifications of the ISO 22241 standard. An ever-increasing number of customers, a more widespread sales network, a technical service able to study and solve any problem, these are just some of the results that make Azotal SpA one of the most qualified manufacturers of AdBlue® in Italy and Europe.

We manufacture and distribute AdBlue® in Italy and Europe

In order to guarantee the quality levels of AdBlue® from the production to distribution (and to fully comply with the ISO 22241 standard), Azotal SpA has designed a special production system that involves the entire production chain and that is supplemented by special operating procedures. The guarantee of quality of AdBlue® by Azotal comes from a sequence of production stages that must be carefully executed and controlled in order to prevent compromising the final result.

Raw materials

The efficient operation and durability of catalytic converters (which interact with AdBlue®) of diesel-powered vehicles depends directly on the quality of the raw materials used in the manufacturing of AdBlue®, i.e. urea and desalinated water. Azotal manufactures AdBlue® through the dissolution of solid urea obtained by synthesis in desalinated water. The urea used is chemically pure and is classified by Italian and European suppliers as “AdBlue® quality grade”, i.e. suitable for the production of AdBlue®. To verify the requested quality, analytic controls are performed on the goods received. The desalinated water that is fed into the plant is of the highest quality and is practically free from salts and/or metals and/or other purities. It comes from desalination plants placed in series, and the quality is monitored throughout the entire process (desalination plant – intermediate storage – use).

Production plants

These plants are fully dedicated and isolated from other production cycles in order to prevent potential contaminations. They are made of materials compatible with the raw materials used and with the final AdBlue® product.

Process parameters

Using appropriate instruments, the process parameters are constantly adjusted and controlled in order to prevent manufacturing faults from adversely affecting the essential properties of AdBlue®.

Storage systems

As in the case of production plants, the storage systems have also been specially designed to guarantee and safeguard the quality consistency of AdBlue®. Reduced storage times, compatible materials and dedicated equipment are the key factors for preventing contamination and quality degradation.

Loading in tankers and packaging

Before filling, the loading tankers as well as medium/small capacity containers (IBCs, drums, jerry cans, etc.) are thoroughly inspected by specialised personnel in order to ensure that AdBlue® is not contaminated. In case of unsuitability, the containers are discarded, while the tankers are rejected.
The tankers, which require presentation of the certificate of washing, are always cleaned by water vapour injection before loading. This is only interrupted when the water condensation discharged from the tank meets the quality requirements.


To guarantee a perfect production, storage and loading process, Azotal uses highly skilled and appropriately qualified personnel, who receive periodic training.

Controlli analitici e tracciabilità

AdBlue® is made by applying the methods normally used in quality systems.

– the entire production chain is developed according to standardised and reproducible procedures, with continuous control of the process and quality parameters;
– the production is divided into numbered batches and each batch is thoroughly analysed before it is made available for sale;
– duties, responsibilities and activities of the personnel shall be assigned and verified by their direct superiors;
– the raw materials used in each production batch can be traced at all times, as well as the operating methods used in the production process, including handling and storage.

What is AdBlue®?

  • AdBlue® by Azotal is a unique high-quality solution consisting of water and pure urea (concentration of 32.5%) created to reduce emissions from diesel-powered cars.
  • It is a stable, extremely pure and certified procedure and complies with the ISO 22241 standard. It is in no way dangerous. It is not toxic, explosive or flammable.
  • It improves engine performance, reduces fuel consumption and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions produced by exhaust gas. It improves driving comfort and makes the car run smoother
  • It protects the environment by reducing nitrogen oxides in exhaust gases. It promotes a cleaner world, it makes the air better. It decreases the number of harmful substances that are breathed every day.


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