We work alongside every customer with a specialised team who support and guide them in the choice of the chemical solution that best meets their needs, in the most timely and efficient manner to provide the best support and give continuity to their activities.


The percentages and densities of the chemical agents used in many of our chemical solutions can be modified according to the technical specifications required by each contract and according to the needs of each customer.


For each order, we plan the production of the chemical solutions to ensure that the supply is delivered in a timely and perfect manner. We work hard to transport and deliver liquids to the desired destination.

After sales

For us, the relationship with each customer does not end with the purchase and delivery, but continues throughout the after-sales phase that involves assistance and support on the product and its methods of use.

Contracted services

  • Filtration of liquids containing suspended materials
  • Production of fertiliser on a specific formula according to customer requirements
  • Production of aqueous saline solutions for purification plants
  • Agricultural service and related technical assistance that includes soil analysis and analysis of plant parts or irrigation water.


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