The company

We produce exclusive, versatile and highly customised chemical solutions for numerous customers all over the world in different fields and industries.

Our strengths are product quality and safety, sustainability, innovation and environmental protection.

Azotal S.p.A. is an Italian company and international leader in the production and distribution of chemical products for numerous industries, from agriculture to water treatment, from solutions for the wood processing industry to the reduction of gaseous emissions, through to the detergent and food industries.

Azotal’s expertise and innovation has allowed it to acquire 1000 highly recognised and important companies in Italy and the world.

Azotal owes its success to manufacturing experience and to the continuous technological renewal of its production plants, built to high standards of safety and reliability. All this is part of a company policy that focuses on environmental protection and job safety.



We work and create high quality “Made In Italy” chemical solutions that integrate perfectly with the mixing and distribution systems in which they are installed.


Our core business focuses on innovation and research to obtain ever-more innovative mixtures and chemical products.


Our chemical solutions are completely environmentally friendly, as are our production, processing, distribution and disposal plants.


We pay close attention to the environment, territory and people. Over the years, we have adopted the best safety, quality and environmental management systems.


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