AdBlue® by Azotal is an exclusive high-quality solution consisting of pure water and urea (32.5% concentration) created to reduce emissions from diesel-powered vehicles. The main active component of AdBlue® is ammonia. This is a chemical process that is achieved by hydrolysing automotive urea, the main raw material of AdBlue®. Urea is also used in the production of fertilizers and in many other applications. Improves engine performance, reduces fuel consumption and emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) produced by exhaust gases. Improve driving comfort and keep the vehicle better.

Why does AdBlue® reduce emissions?

AdBlue® plays a fundamental role in the chemical process of transformation of nitrogen oxides contained in the exhaust fumes of diesel engines equipped with the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system. The engines that adopt this system work to the maximum of their yield, with very high combustion temperatures that involve the destruction of the particulate but, on the contrary, the formation of many nitrogen oxides. These are chemically combined with the urea present in the AdBlue® transforming them into molecular nitrogen and water vapor.

Why rely on a serious producer and distributor?

Using AdBlue® that does not comply with the ISO 22241 specifications entails a long series of problems as SCR systems are very sensitive to the quality of the product used. One of the basic recommendations is that AdBlue is not contaminated not only during production but also during transportation and subsequent handling. For this reason it is essential to rely on a serious and reliable manufacturer and distributor like Azotal, which has always produced exclusive, versatile and highly customizable chemical solutions for numerous customers all over the world, in different fields.