Food ammonia by Azotal

When we talk about food ammonia we talk about ammonium bicarbonate (reported on the label with the code 503) for the preparation of yeasts.
In fact, food ammonia is a leavening agent and is found in food as a leavening agent or as a regulator of acidity

The ammonia plant of Azotal produces ammonia in aqueous solution, with a variable title between 20 and 31.75%, starting from anhydrous ammonia and desalted water. The product is mainly used in the industrial, food and pharmaceutical sectors and in the elimination of NOx emissions from waste-to-energy plants.

The ammonia solutions sold by Azotal are:

  • Ammonia in 20% solution
  • Ammonia in 24.5% solution
  • Ammonia in 25% solution
  • Ammonia in 30% solution
  • Ammonia in solution at 31.75%

Characteristics of food ammonia
At room temperature, pure ammonia appears as a colorless gas with a characteristic extremely pungent odor and which at ambient pressure liquefies at a temperature of -77.7 ºC and boils at -33.4 ºC, transforming into a mobile liquid and also it is colorless.

In the early 2000s, world ammonia production stood at around 135 million tonnes a year