AdBlue® by Azotal

Azotal Distributore di AdBlue®

AdBlue® is an aqueous solution with 32.5% pure urea designed specifically to remove NOx nitrogen oxides from exhaust gas produced by diesel engines in transport vehicles. Dedicated initially to trucks and earth-moving machines, with the EURO 6 standard AdBlue® now also targets private diesel-powered cars that develop a certain power resulting in a higher level of emissions. Azotal is one of the few Italian companies to have been licensed by VDA, the company that owns the patent, to produce (and distribute) AdBlue®.


Where is AdBlue® used

Cars, industrial transport vehicles, earth-moving machines, navy, railway, military.


  • Tankers

  • 1000kg tanks

  • 200-litre drums

  • 10-litre canisters

  • 2-litre bottles


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