Azotal S.p.A. is a leading chemical distributor in Italy and Europe.

The application sectors for chemical solutions are varied. From agriculture to water treatment, from solutions for the wood industry to abatement of gaseous emissions to the detergent and food industries.

High-quality solutions from Azotal

In line with the latest market demands and constant investment in research and development, Azotal produces and distributes in Italy and Europe, state-of-the-art chemical solutions of the highest quality, capable of meeting the specifications of each individual customer. In particular it produces and distributes

AdBlue additive
Aqueous solution with 32.5% pure urea specifically designed to reduce emissions and abate nitrogen oxides NOx present in exhaust gases produced by diesel engines of transport vehicles.

Liquid fertilisers
The range of available Azotal liquid fertilisers is designed to apply the most suitable fertiliser to a specific soil. The essential elements contained in a fertiliser are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, hence the formulas

Chemical solution for the reduction of nitrogen oxides for companies in various sectors: waste disposal, marine, thermal plants, cement factories, refineries, glass production plants, power stations and various industries that have a combustion plant.

Ammonium sulphate
This product is produced by a direct reaction between sulphuric acid and ammonia, producing a solution with an ammonium sulphate concentration that can vary between 25% and 38% by weight, depending on the requirements of each supply.

Aqueous solutions containing nitrogenous and/or phosphoazotised substances, mixtures that can be customised in quantity and concentration according to the specific needs of each customer.

Various processes dissolve pure anhydrous ammonia in desalinated water to obtain a product whose ammonia concentration can vary between 24.5% and 31.75% by weight (28 Bè), depending on customer requirements.

Continuous technological renewal and production facilities built to high standards of safety and reliability are designed and conceived as part of a company policy focused on environmental protection and work safety.



All the chemical solutions we produce are Made in Italy. We guarantee maximum quality and perfect integration in the mixing and distribution plants in which they are inserted.


Innovation and research are at the heart of our core business, with the aim of obtaining elaborate mixtures and chemical products that are always state-of-the-art.


Our chemical solutions are 100% environmentally friendly, as are our production, manufacturing, distribution and disposal facilities.


Over the years we have adopted the best safety, quality and environmental management systems.